Short version
We are two moms from Hungary, who both love children and IKEA.

Longer version
We have met more, than 10 years ago in an office of multinational company. After many years of working together on multiple projects, we became not only colleagues, but friends as well. In the meantime both of us got married, and now we are two happy mothers of half a dozen of children.

We were lucky enough to be able to built our dream homes, and we keep seeking for new ideas and share them with each of us to create an inspiring environment for our families, where our kids imagination can soar.

The idea to fund a new company together was raised early 2019, then after 9 months of hard work and preparation STICKEA got born and we opened our ETSY store in December 2019.

This is our dream job where we can use our endless creativity to create amazing furniture decals what OUR children loves and hope YOUR children will too. 😍

Thanks for stopping by and reading our STICKEA story.

Hugs from the heart of Europe!

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